With FastWPF, you'll be able to instantly see any XAML changes while developing a WPF application with Microsoft Visual Studio. FastWPF goes beyond the preview, you can even interact with the interface. In the past, you always had to define a style, trigger, or converter first and couldn't tell if it worked until you debugged it? With FastWPF you can experience this immediately and in real time. This, of course, adds a completely different dimension to development speed. Instead of having to start the application for every small change, as before, you see its result while defining your interface.


But in addition to that: it happens at breathtaking speed.

Modular applications with many projects were never previewable with the standard designer in the past. FastWPF, on the other hand, specifically targets common frameworks, extensions and patterns. PRISM is automatically supported, well-known control vendors as well and of course everything with the extensive MVVM support with .NET Framework, .NET Core and .NET.

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